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Let’s talk green maritime

Find valuable content to promote your company or organisation within the framework of Norway’s pioneering green maritime industry.

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Stronger together with a shared value proposition

The Norwegian green maritime ecosystem offers a comprehensive value chain and a unique network of regional clusters, enabling customers and partners to optimise sea transport, making it greener, safer and more specialised and cost-efficient.

Ship yard - Male worker with the inside of the dock at Havyard in the background

How we differentiate and deliver on our promises

  • One of the largest shipping fleets in the world
  • A complete maritime cluster
  • Some of the world’s largest ship financing banks, and a large segment of the global market for ship insurance
  • Highly skilled workforce in the ocean industries
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Tools for branding Norway’s green maritime industry

Here you can find and download useful tools and content for branding, including a general slide deck, social media templates, images, videos and more.

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Industry toolkits

Here you can find and download tools for branding and positioning specific industries.

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The Norwegian brand

Explore the Norwegian brand identity and find tools to get started