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Based on the Norwegian identity

With the help of compelling storytelling, engaging visuals and collaborative branding efforts rooted in our cultural heritage, you can make your brand more visible and attractive internationally.

Our values

Fishing boats in the harbour  Henningsvær in Lofoten
Ship yard - Prefabrication of pipe parts
Battery production - Research engineer
Thorvald, the agricultural robot
Vision of The Fjords in the Nærøyfjord
Hiking  Hjerkinn  Dovre

Our heritage shows us we’re stronger together

Even though we are only 5.4 million people in Norway, we know there is strength in numbers. Our country is long and narrow, with huge differences in nature and climate.

Through cooperation we become competitive. It’s our ability to share knowledge and learn from each other that makes us strong. With everything we know about global warming, we are dependent on fresh and alternative solutions north of the ordinary.

The diversity in our people reflects the diversity in our country. We experience, we learn, we adapt and we prevail through collaboration.

This is the Norwegian way.

Moving forward, we aim to pioneer innovation and creativity combined with new possibilities in green tech and sustainability.

That’s why we invite everyone to join us, sharing ideas and visions for sustainable business opportunities for the future.

We do this for ourselves, our partners and future generations. Everyone is welcome as we march together towards the green revolution.

Let's talk

because we are stronger together

Our personality

Our visual identity

When we started working on our visual identity, we knew we wanted something flexible and easy to use. At the same time, it was important to always be unmistakably recognisable as Norway.

Brand Norway visual elements

Embracing diversity

We created a visual concept celebrating the diversity of industries, brands and people – a collection of smart and unique elements comprising typography, illustrations and icons.

See the brand identity assets
Example of the Brand Norway in use on a tablet presentation

Unifying elements

All elements can be used separately, but used together they become larger than the sum of their parts. We as individuals also have unique qualities, but we too are stronger together under the common banner of our flag.

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We have created a range of helpful tools that are readily available for you to use, and more are on the way.

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Disclaimer: We are continuously developing new tools and content for communicating and branding together, and will add to the brand centre consecutively.

Brand Norway tourism illustration transparent background
the National Norway logo on a paper with a blue background

The Norwegian brand

Explore the Norwegian brand identity and find tools to get started

Mobile example of a social media post from Business Norway

Industry toolkits

Here you can find and download tools for branding and positioning specific industries.