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Explore the Norwegian brand identity and find tools to get started

Our goal is to help you to build a strong, authentic brand and showcase your business in the best possible way on a global stage by drawing upon the unique qualities of Norway.

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Paragliding with the Norwegian flag in Voss
brand norway blue shape elements
Brand Norway figure elements
Brand Norway figures
Brand Norway figures

Why should you use brand Norway?

Excellent reputation

Norway has an exceptional reputation, ranked number five in the Green Future Index 2022. By linking your brand or services to Norway, you will benefit from the Norway effect.

Our shared vision

By joining forces, sharing knowledge and best practices, we are leading the way towards a greener future. When we position Norway as the epicenter of the green revolution we prove we are stronger together.

Stronger together

By working together to promote shared values and a common identity, you will strengthen your brand. At the same time you contribute to increased visibility and a positive perception of Norway.

Use the Norwegian advantage

  • When you are representing Norway
  • When Norwegian​ values, quality and​ origin are an added​ value​
  • When you want to increase your visibility

Discover our brand centre

We have created a range of helpful tools that are readily available for you to use, and more are on the way.

Get access to:

  • Icons, fonts and illustrations
  • Images and videos
  • Templates: social media, PowerPoint and more
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Disclaimer: We are continuously developing new tools and content for communicating and branding together, and will add to the brand centre consecutively.

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Content and tools to get you started

Here you can find and download tools for branding and positioning specific industries.

Brand Norway figures

Learn about the Norwegian brand identity

With the help of compelling storytelling, engaging visuals and collaborative branding efforts rooted in our cultural heritage, you can make your brand more visible and attractive internationally.